Automate complex billing

We help SaaS companies manage their Subscription and Usage based billing, without any dependency on the engineering team.


Problems with Billing

Bills are generated MANUALLY

Finance teams then have to manually generate the bills at the end of the billing cycle by downloading usage dumps, calculating usage for each customer, and arriving at the billing amount.

Hard to automate

Most companies that sell with Sales teams need to provide varying discounts and plans to each customer.

This makes it hard to have consistency with plans, and therefore hard to automate billing

Product teams are more interested in building things for customers vs internal tools, which makes it harder to automate the process.

Delay in billing customer

This manual process is a slow, clunky, error prone method that is used at most of the SaaS companies.

This also increases the time to generate and send invoices to customers, which results in receiving money late, which could potentially lead to cash flow issues.

Errors galore!

Because everything is done manually, there are many touch points to make a mistake, which invevitably happens as we're all humans.

Plus, any time a customer contests their bill, the slow, clunky process has to be repeated again, and ends up wasting valuable time for the finance team.

How it works


Flexible plans

OakRev allows you to input plan details for every customer. You can have multiple customers on one plan, or customize each plan for every customer.


Simple integration

Integrate usage input with your app in less than 20 minutes. Or upload the usage data, without involving your engineering team.


Automatic Billing

This allows it to generate the billing amount in near real time. Create invoices from the billing amount at the end of billing cycle.


Flexible Pricing Plans

Get all the flexibility you need to innovate with your pricing and plans.

We already support most use cases, if you think your use case is not covered, we would be happy to figure out a way to support that!

Multiple Billing Entities

Have one billing entity in USA, one in India, one in Singapore? We've got you covered.

You can assign customers to different billing entities to bill them from the location that is most advantageous for you!

Usage Input

Ingest usage in the way that is most comfortable for you.

Upload CSV files every month, integrate with APIs to have real time outlook, or input data periodically with easy cron jobs. We support it all!

Multi Currency Support

Want to create a Plan in GBP, but raise invoice in USD to a customer from your Indian entity? No sweat!

Get powerful currency granularity with your customer, to raise the right invoice for your use case.


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